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Oklahoma Author Tour

2018 Reading Roundup

The 2018 Reading Roundup Tour featured award-winning author Lutricia Clifton and illustrator Christopher Nick.

Winner of the 2017 Oklahoma Book Award for Young Adults, Lutricia Clifton highlighted her book Seeking Cassandra. It is a sweet coming-of-age story. Clifton introduces the reader to young Cassie, who is struggling after her parent’s divorce. Cassie’s mother sends her to live with her dad for the summer in Palo Duro Canyon, Texas. She has no idea how she will co-exist with her father, who now lives in a camper and works as a carpenter. Moreover, he has signed her up for a Junior Naturalist Program with a group of kids who seem so different they might as well be from Mars. As Cassie attempts to adjust to her new surroundings, she learns artifacts disappeared from a nearby archaeological dig. As she tries to discover the culprit, Cassie discovers the true meaning of friendship and realizes she is a very capable individual. 

Clifton’s 2018 Reading Roundup tour stops were in Bristow, Capitol Hill, Cleveland, Pawhuska, and Wagoner

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Christopher Nick, illustrator of the 2017 Children’s book award-winning title, led discussions and activities emphasizing the book Dust Storm. It is about eleven-year-old Clara who lives on a farm in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl. She loves living on the farm and taking care of the farm animals. Clara can deal with the farm chores, but what she struggles with the most is her overprotective father. Clara has polio, and her father wants to shield her from being injured on the farm or by the townspeople who may hurt her feelings. When the family is away in town and Clara is left at home to watch her younger brother, a dangerous dust storm arrives. Clara is faced with the task of saving her brother, the farm animals, and herself. 

Nick visited Apache, Hennessey, Marlow, Okeene, and Woodward.

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