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Sonia Gensler


The RevenantThe Dark BetweenGhostlight

Sonia GenslerSonia Gensler is the author of The Revenant (Knopf ’11), winner of the Oklahoma Book Award and a Parents’ Choice Silver Award, praised as “a compelling ghost and love story” by Booklist, “eerie and suspenseful” by Publishers Weekly, and “stunningly taut and entirely compelling” by The Bulletin. Her follow-up, The Dark Between (Knopf ’13), was deemed a “lively Victorian mystery” by Kirkus and “vivid and intriguing” by School Library Journal, while Examiner. comnoted its “engaging, page-turning plot.” Sonia’s middle grade debut, Ghostlight, releases from Knopf in fall 2015.

As a child growing up in rural Tennessee, Sonia dreamed of teleporting to medieval Europe to experience firsthand the bygone days of chivalry and romance. When international time travel proved impractical, she compensated by devouring books and making up soap operas with her friends. Countless recess periods were devoted to swapping stories, most of which featured epic romances with favorite celebrities. This tradition continued through high school.

As an adult Sonia experimented with an assortment of professions suitable for a dreamy bookworm—museum interpreter, historic home director, bookseller, perpetual graduate student—before finally deciding to share her passion for stories through teaching. She taught literature and writing to young adults for ten years, and she still thinks fondly of her days in the classroom now that she writes full time. Sonia currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband and cat.